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Songs with passion, style and finesse!

​S A H A J  T I C O T I N

P R O D U C E R / A R T I S T / M I X E R

"Melody is the center of the universe in my studio. To compete with the entire world of music you have to try and master it in all of it's forms. I work with artists to help them graduate to a higher understanding of this crucial part of popular music. Only then does the production and mixing have value"- Sahaj

"I don't believe in following trends and trying to fit in. I think the modern music fan begs for courage and risk. Of course it has to sound amazing and the songs themselves have to be gripping and well constructed but to me the most compelling element in a great song is passion. If you can capture that along side great production you will be successful."- Sahaj

    Sahaj Ticotin comes from a talent rich family. His sisters, Rachel and Nancy, have graced the big screen and Broadway many times. His brothers Marcus and David stand behind the scenes of many feature films and video games. They all sing.

    When Sahaj was 5 he started performing regularly in the living room singing with great passion for a tough family of critics but by the time he grew up there wasn't much to least not vocally.

    Sahaj went on to perform in his own band, Ra, and to make a name for himself as a vocalist, even in the tough world of hard rock and major labels. Everyone knew how well he could sing but there was another passion the Puerto Rican-Russian rocker had...producing!! He had produced, engineered and mixed nearly all the songs on all of the Ra records which went on to sell over 400,000cds. He had, in the process, come across some legends to learn from while getting his own skills up to par. 

    These lessons combined with Ra's success at radio made for some powerful skills in songwriting and more importantly hook writing. He has produced music for film and television as well as various rock and pop artists. His studios are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Woodland Hills Ca.

Artists, producers and companies Sahaj has worked with;

Motley Crue, Starset, Nikki Six, Lajon Witherspoon, Jason Hook, Chad Gray, Nothing More, Diamante, Meytal Cohen, Ra, Crossfade, Sevendust, Bad Wolves, ​Hyro Da Hero, New Years Day, Otherwise, Texas Hippie Coalition, Blacklite District, Eyes Set To Kill, Ill Nino, Pj Farley, Roger Glover, Jon 5, Dear Agony, A Killer's Confession, The Black Moods, Ammo, JKash, Bob Rock, Howard Benson, Mike Plotnikoff, Bob Marlette, Andy Johns, Rupert Hines, Jason Corsaro, Dave Schiffman, Neal Avron, Mike Barbiero, Paul Logus, Dave Thoener, Halatrax, Phil Phever, Killagraham, Dallas K, Brian Lee, Kelly Sheehan, Jessie J, Lunchmoney Lewis, Krewella, Leet Mob, Espn, Fox Sports, WWE, ESL, Banshee Music, We 3 Kings, Ant farm and many many more...