​S A H A J  T I C O T I N

P R O D U C E R / A R T I S T / M I X E R

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Do you remember?...

The first time you heard your favorite artist, you thought to yourself "How is that even possible?". The first time you heard the complexity of a recording that stirred every part of you, it was almost impossible to believe that you could ever be on the other side of that experience. Somehow, you know you have the same power and intensity – that drives you to listen over and over – inside yourself. John and Paul had that moment listening to Buddy Holly. James Hetfield had that moment listening to Diamond Head. Prince had that moment listening to James Brown. I had that moment listening to The Police. For some, the feeling came and went… but for us as musicians, it started an obsession.

Reality check...

In today's crowded digital world, it's much easier to create and record your own music than ever before. In fact, there are so many technological shortcuts that you don't need to play an instrument or sing on key to be an "artist". While these tools have their place in modern music production, they can also be a quick recipe for poor results. Using all the technology in the world won’t show you how to do the ONLY thing music truly needs: a direct connection with the audience that makes the listener feel something real. You want to make them feel the way you do when you listen to your favorite artists. It's elusive and more difficult than ever; trust me... Auto-Tune won’t do it for you. Mentoring is the only true shortcut on the road to artistic self-realization. You may only have been singing or playing seriously for a few years but mentoring will take you to the next level. If you have the means, tap into my 20 years of experience creating successful records. My goal is to find that special, unique spark inside you that no one else can claim and magnify it into a 4th of July display!

The Industry...

Other necessities in the current music climate is guidance through all aspects of marketing (social media, visual, and touring strategies), business and legal negotiations (lawyers and managers), as well as music publishing strategies. It can be very confusing and complex but I can help you with all of it as needed. I have great relationships throughout the industry. Since I strive for perfection, I get sincere consideration for everything I stand behind from all the major/indie labels as well as film and television music supervisors. It is very important to understand that your success is my success and that I pride myself on success!

The ultimate goal...

I want to find talent and do what record companies did years ago: develop and grow you into an internationally competitive artist with a signature sound and vibe. I want to challenge us to be inventive and fearless while also keeping an eye on trends and what the marketplace wants. I want to create an atmosphere of positivity and trust to help you push past the inevitable moments of doubt. I also want to be your backbone as you dive into the difficult world of the music business. I’ll be there to lead and explore all the opportunities we can find. Just remember: it all starts with a great song, a talented artist, and an engaging performance. We want that most of all.

The Invite…

I have a deep passion and vision for all styles of music. I'm excited to open my studio doors in the name of helping talent reach the next level. I really look forward to hearing from you!!!

Thank you,
Sahaj Ticotin
President of Sahaj Entertainment Inc.

The Studio

Sahaj's studio is located in Fort Wayne Indiana. He has stockpiled a nice collection of professional gear to be able to make amazing recordings! Here is an abbreviated equipment list showcasing some of the main elements.

  • Cyberpower pc running an Intel I9 Octo core processor with NVME and solid state drives and windows 10 professional
  • Nuendo 11
  • Uad Apollo Twin
  • 1 UAD octo card virtually loaded
  • Nexus III, Kontakt, Sylenth, Omnishpere, Arturia, Halion, Serum and 100's of gb of sounds
  • 1 Motu hd192 and 3 Motu 2408 interfaces as well as 2 Lucid a/d converters
  • Pmc Result 6 monitros, Yamaha Ns10s, Tannoy 6.5 monitors, Avantone Mix Cubes and a Focal cms sub with Bryston amplifiers
  • 2 1985 SSL 4000g rackmounted channel strips, 1 Chandler Tg2 500 series
  • 1 Distressor, 1 Warm 76, 1 Warm Wa2a, 1 Tk bc1-s, 1 Provla2 custom, 1 Tla Valve pre compressor, 1 Fmr Rnla, 1 DBX 163x, 1 DBX 160
  • 2 Daking Mp one, 1 Focusrite Isa-428, 1 Focusrite Octopre platinum
  • 2 Ashly pqx 572s, 1 Ashly pq16, 1 Speck asc eq
  • 1 Pearlman Tm1, 1 Pearlman fet 47, 1 Akg 451e, 2 AT 4051, 7 Sm57, 2 Studio Projects C1, 2 Sennheiser 421, 2 Sennheiser e609, 1 Akg D112, 1 Shure Beta 52 and Beta 87
  • 1 Mesa Boogie 1994 dual rec custom, 1 VHT Pitbull 100 cl, 1 Fuchs Tripledrive Supreme 50, 1 Krank 1980 50, 1 Roland Jc120, Gk Rb 700
  • 1 1963 Marshall Cab, 1 Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cab, 1 Tubeworks Cab, 1 Peavey 4x12 bass Cab
  • Many guitars and pedals of all kinds

If you don't see something here, it's probably easy to rent in but Sahaj has made some amazing recordings with this stuff.